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Im a Navy veteran originally from North Carolina. My academic background is in Natural Resources and Agriculture, as well as my other passion. By day, Im a Natural Resources Specialist for the USDA in NE Oregon and by night Im the Secretary, lead comms guy, assist with online needs for the Team, and the voice of reason for Sam's crazy ass ideas. I linked up with TO shortly after moving to Oregon in 2017. With TO I have found a way to utilize my passion for the natural world to provide fellow veterans a way to cope. Whether it be initially coming back to civilian life, dealing with the past, or struggling with new challenges, the idea that being outside and socializing can significantly increase mental health is vastly backed by current research. By helping provide trips with TO, it gives veterans a completely free, awesome adventure to encourage getting out. I can be found in my black '06 6 speed Tacoma usually somewhere in the middle of the pack. Thanks for reading and we'll see you out on the trail!

west lambert

west lambert

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