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The Full Story


Team Overland was founded in 2015 with a simple mission to help Veterans reintegrate back into their communities when they return home. To accomplish this, we facilitate free guided overland adventures all over the Pacific Northwest. Our trips, which are always free to everyone, range from quick single-night adventures in the Cascades to week-long multi-state expeditions. We recognized the overland adventure lifestyle as a perfect platform to connect and support the Veteran families in our community. On the trail, we provide all necessary gear needed to access the outdoors, and our Trail Guides work hard all year to ensure guests have a safe and enjoyable time. Team Overland is a 100% volunteer-run organization with every board member, trail guide, and volunteer giving their time and resources to make these trips successful. To learn more about how to support or get involved with Team Overland, send us a message!



Team Overland guides overland adventures to Veteran families with the help of Kick-Ass Military Supporters to reintegrate Veterans by sharing campfires, friendship, and the overland adventure lifestyle.


To inspire connection, reintegration, and healing

among Veterans, their families, and our community.




Being honest and ethical in all interactions, maintaining the highest standards, exemplifying the ultimate moral behavior, and serving with the most vital character attributes of honor, courage, and commitment.  


Taking ownership while holding ourselves personally and organizationally responsible for our choices, actions, and our role in the pursuit of the organization's goals and objectives.


Fostering trust and mutual admiration for all people, treating all people with dignity, embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in our community, and valuing all the qualities that make us all who we are. 


Believing that teamwork empowers our individual strengths while consistently demonstrating an unselfish commitment to working with others to create a collaborative culture.


To serve passionately with the understanding that we are here to create a culture of trust and support within our community and always keep our guests' safety and experience our top priority.


Recognize the high degree of responsibility to good stewardship of our environmental resources, treat public lands with respect while adhering to the leave no trace, and tread lightly principles to further the organization's mission of serving others.

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