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Since founding Team Overland in 2015, we have provided 45 guided overland adventures sharing our fire with more than 1,300 people at zero cost to guests. In those 45 adventures, we have spent almost 150 nights under the stars and traveled more than 20,000 guided miles. 

Team Overland


We believe that if we can share the overland lifestyle with others, we can help them connect with nature and like-minded individuals. We do not plan activities on our trips as the adventure of overlanding naturally lends itself to the trip as a means for trust-building. When in camp, we say, "the fire facilitates." It means we believe the very act of sharing a fire in the wonderful expanse of the great outdoors facilitates the connection we need with others. We know that with this connection, we are giving space for reintegration to happen. What Veterans need the most is someone they trust to connect with when they have struggles, and we strive to make that trusted connection so that they may trust and call on us. 


Our team of all-volunteer trail guides not only share their expertise on the trail but also support our community all year long. In addition to our trips, we have helped build resiliency in our community by regularly supporting community projects, fundraisers, and events. Team Overland has supported the donation of more than 1,000 pounds of food to the community pantry, 6,000 diapers to homeless mothers, $1,000 to support women fleeing sex trafficking, $3,000 for cancer survivor care packages, and we've helped raise almost $25,000 for disabled children, families fighting cancer, and funeral expenses. 

Team Overland
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